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Accidents can happen anytime. When a person slips and falls in a public place, the injuries sustained could cost money in hospital bills and the ambulance used. In given times the slip is not the fault of the injured individual but the fault of the public place. There are steps which need to be followed in order to completely recover from a slip. More information can be gotten through internet searches on dealing with slip and fall accidents. Check out http://zaneslaw.com/phoenix-personal-injury-attorneys/phoenix-slip-and-fall-attorney/ to get started.

A person tripping because of dangerous conditions on a building and sustain injuries from it is a slip and fall accident. Falls can take place inside or outside a building. These can be caused by floors which are uneven, having debris on the floor, potholes, poor lighting, snow, ice and other hazards which are hidden. .Most of the falls are related to slipping accidents. The most common causes of the falls are foreign objects on walking surfaces, a design flaw in the walking surface, a spill or weather which makes the walking surface be slippery or an individual who is physical or mental impaired.

Not every case of a slip will make the owner of the property responsible for the injured person. The people who own property have a duty of care in making sure that the property is safe. The property owners are not guarantors of the safety of the people. Slip and trip accidents which are successful are able to establish that there was a defective or dangerous condition on the property which caused the fall. It also needs to show that the person owning the property was aware of the defect before the accident. The owner also should have known about the defect existed in the property for a long time for them to discover it.

Many slips and trip accidents focus on the conduct of the person that had the accident. One of the common arguments made by the defense is that the injured person was not watching where they were going. This can affect proceedings that will allow the injured person to receive compensation from the accident. The first thing that a person should do after slipping and falling is calling the police and paramedics. It is advisable to obtain the address and name of the witnesses. This is because the witnesses need to carry on with what they were doing or going to. This means that getting their information quickly is essential.


How to Deal With a Slip and Fall Accident